Fancy Investigates

What’s this?? A new mango and fancy comic? It’s true! After a long vacation, mango and fancy have returned, and expect to see them every other Monday. Huzzah!

A quick recap…Mango, owner of the delicious “Ice Cream by the Mango Man” was happy to serve the town’s customers. However, the evil papaya gang returned to raise hell and sell fruit sorbets right across the street from their nemesis Mango. We left off last time with Mango and Fancy being agog to see the sorbet shop being built. This week Fancy does a little investigating.

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a hibernation has come to an end.

they’re back! well sort of….be ready, next monday (jan 18th) a new mango and fancy will be here. in the interim, witness mango and fancy rejoicing in their return!

big version here.

flashback to the salad days

They’re back…finally! it’s taken awhile but mango and fancy are back in full force. this week we start to see more of the past of why mango and fancy have such beef with the evil papaya gang. enjoy!

flashback comic72

the boys are back in town, part 1

the boys are back in town, part 1

to be continued…

we’ve been away for far too long! but now we’re back, and with archnemeses! have you not known about the ancient rival of papayas and mangoes? soon all will be revealed!

Mango’s Early Spring Dilemma

felt it was time to let mango speak. this is inspired by how josh in particular wrestles (and usually fails) with the weather every morning in early spring.

Mango’s Early Spring Dilemma
mango's spring dilemma

Mango and Fancy are consumed by the mad hatter!

2nd ever mango and fancy. this time i tried only digital coloring, which i don’t know if i like as much, but i’ll be experimenting…hopefully this time the text will be a little more readable. we’re still working out the kinks.

man, i know this is a tiny comic but it is teaching me so much. since i usually avoid doing “scenes” wholeheartedly, this is really helping me on this, and just consistency…

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this time fancy tries to make up for hurting mango’s hair ego. let’s see what happens!

Introducing Mango and Fancy

josh and i have decided to do a little creative project together, he needs to write more, and i need to draw more. so here we are.

i welcome you to the world of mango and fancy, soon to be your favorite heroes.

the goal is to try and do this weekly, and since i know very little as to what i’m doing this will be a nice learning adventure. in the next post i think i might officially introduce these guys, but for now, away we go.

for a larger version, click here.

introducing mango and fancy